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As I have more photos of food than I care to count, I thought why not I share my humble findings with anyone who stumbles upon this blog. Nothing fancy.....cannot afford it lah.....not with my kind of salary....sigh (hinting to my boss). Sorry about the not so professional looking photos. Cannot afford to get a better camera yet (another hint). I also like to browse online shopping sites for the fun of it. Quite interesting, you know. But.......real shopping (you know... drive to a shopping complex, fight for a parking space and jostle with the other shoppers inside the complex) is not my cup of tea, heh, heh. So....I just might add some more online shopping site links here (those that I think are interesting lah....you know..not those common ones). So, if you are like me, do keep an eye on the shopping column on your right, eh? I also like to think about and dissect quotes of famous and ordinary people. Aaand....I also like to ramble about things and people I observed everyday. By the way, anyone of you want a pet? Have a look at the sidebar (Please Help Them). These adorable animals are waiting for a loving person to adopt them. Buuut....remember, a pet is forever. No abuse.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Special Dedication

To the passengers and crew of MH370 :
Rest in peace and God bless all of you.

To the families and friends of the passengers and crew of MH370 :
We are very sorry for your loss. No amount of words will lessen the pain but time will and we speak from experience.

To the members of the SAR teams and all those who offered their help :
Thank you. Thank you. You are the true heroes.

To the Malaysian government and MAS :
You did a great job in handling this crisis no matter what others said. Those are just sour grapes talk. In this circumstances, no experience in handling this crisis means that MAS is a very safe airline and Thank God for that.

(30.03.2014) To those people hurling unreasonable criticisms at anything Malaysian (you know who you are) :
The whole world is watching and talking about your behaviour. Please show some dignity, if not for yourself, then for the memory of your loved one(s) and for your fellow countrymen. You are not the only ones who lost somebody on MH370, you know. Your government, who has far more technologically advanced equipment than Malaysia, is also among the SAR teams. What have they uncovered so far?????? Remember, pointing one finger at others means pointing 3 fingers at yourselves. Those who keep insisting that the Malaysian government is hiding the truth.........erm........do you know something that the rest of the world don't?

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Special Dedication

To the families and friends of the passengers and crew of flight MH370 :

We are praying hard that everyone on flight MH370 comes back safe and sound, so be strong and positive.

To everyone else :

Let us all give our support to all those involve in the SAR efforts. And let's not point our fingers at any party or spread unconfirmed details of anything because it is not helping anyone, is it? Remember when we point one finger at another party, we have 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Anyone out there who think they can do a better job than the Malaysian government and the SAR teams.........please step forward and show your stuff instead of behaving like empty tin cans.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Food For Thought (47)

Someone once told me :

If you must envy someone, then envy a person not for his material wealth but envy a person for the goodness of his heart.

Hmm.....how many of us can do that???????

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Seoul Garden, Ipoh

Went for a buffet steamboat BBQ dinner at Seoul Garden one Saturday. Erm, quite a small selection they have here compared to other outlets of the same kind elsewhere in Ipoh. Taste wise not too bad though. And......customers have a few choices of soup (for the steamboat) to choose from.
Seoul Garden is located inside Kinta City, Ipoh near the food court.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

OIC Cafe 2, Ipoh

As a few friends have been raving about this cafe, we decided to go check the place out one weekend. Our orders of OIC kuey teow soup, OIC assam laksa, claypot low shi fun, grilled duck rice and OIC fried chicken arrrive without us having to wait too long. Erm.....don't understand why our friends were raving about this place. Or maybe we ordered the wrong items in the menu?????? The food is not outstanding actually. Can find it anywhere in Ipoh and tastier too. Could be that our taste and preference in food is different from other people??????? Anyway, if, unlike us, you are not fussy when it comes to how your food should taste, this place is worth visiting.
OIC Cafe 2 is located in Festival Walk at Jalan Medan Ipoh 1, Medan Ipoh, Ipoh.

Claypot low shi fun

OIC fried chicken

Ice kacang & Ribena fizzy

OIC assam laksa

OIC kuey teow soup

Grilled duck rice

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Restoran Kam Wan (Aneka Selera), Ipoh

Here are some more of our favourite food at Aneka Selera (Restoran Kam Wan), more famously known as "Toong Ku Theng" in Ipoh Garden. Sorry about the blur blur pictures. My little phone is not very high tech.

Wooi Farn

Ikan Bakar

Steamed Fish

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Swiss Garden Golf & Spa Resort Damai Laut, Lumut

On our last visit to Swiss Garden Golf & Spa Resort Damai Laut in Lumut, we had dinner at their Thai/Chinese restaurant. Why do I say Thai/Chinese restaurant? There are 2 names at the entrance (one on each side) but inside there is only one restaurant. The menu also looked like "conjoined twins" if you know what I mean, heh, heh. Anyway, the food is tasty. At least, the ones we ordered are tasty lah. Don't know about the rest. The sweet and sour fish fillet is yum, yum. Perfect combination of sweet and sour while the fish fillet itself is fresh and sweet. The fresh shrimp omelet comes with a generous helping of fresh shrimp. Goood. The claypot seafood beancurd is not to be sniffed at either. The seafood is fresh and the gravy is full of the taste of seafood. The portion is quite big too.

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

Fresh Shrimp Omelet

Claypot Seafood Beancurd

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Food For Thought (45)

Question :
Do road accidents happen because of :-
1) the age of the vehicle regardless of its condition?
2) the attitude of the driver?
3) the condition of the road?
4) the condition of the vehicle regardless of its age?
5) one or more of the above?
6) all of the above?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Observations Of A Food Blob (14)

Have you ever noticed (if you haven't already), that quite a lot of Malaysian drivers are ........... shall I call them weird or is it too tame a word to describe how these group of drivers drive? Anyway, they do at least one if not most or all of the following :

1) run the red light (what's the hurry, ha? Your maker waiting for you ah?)
2) do not stop at the junction with a "Stop" sign and some even honk at those in front who did what they are supposed to do ie Stop (don't understand or refuse to understand the meaning of the word "Stop"???)
3) ignore the "Beri Laluan" sign and expect others to "beri laluan" to them instead (a case of ....erm.... misunderstanding?)
4) cut queue at the traffic lights (cannot wait, ah?)
5) change lanes suddenly without signalling (Oi, other people can read your minds, meh?)
6) stop their vehicles right in the middle of the road and pretend that the vehicles behind them are invisible (Ei, your grandfather's road ah?)
7) haphazardly park their vehicle and ended up hogging 2 parking bays instead 1 (Yo, don't be greedy lah)
8) double and triple park and therefore preventing the other vehicles who are legally parked in the designated parking bays from leaving (Aiyoh, big shot meh?)
9) ignore the zebra crossing and pretend that there is nobody trying to cross the road using the zebra crossing (don't know what the zebra crossing is for, izit?)

 Anything else that I missed?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sisters' Char Koay Teow, Penang

As we have been hearing how good Sisters' Char Koay Teow at Lam Heng Cafe is supposed to be we went to check it out on yet another of our trips to Penang. Errrr.......did we get the wrong place or did the lady behind the wok had an off day???? The char koay teow that came to our table was tasteless woh and no amount of crab meat can help it taste better. What a big let down. Can easily get better char koay teow elsewhere in Penang. Buutt......the prawn mee......it is one of the best we've ever tasted. The soup is full of flavour and very "prawny". Can easily drink the whole lot. Good till the last drop.
Lam Heng Cafe is a corner lot located at Jalan McAllister, Georgetown, Penang.

Very disappointing

A pleasant surprise

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kafe 78, Penang

Actually, we found this place by accident on one of our annual trips to Penang. We were feeling famished after a whole morning of tramping around Georgetown when we stumbled across this coffee shop. Deciding on the spot to have our lunch here we popped inside and ordered..........what else.........assam laksa and char koay teow lah. Err....... are we on a mission to taste all the assam laksa and char koay teow Penang has to offer? Hmmmmm????? We were pleasantly surprised to find that what is offered here are as good as the more famous ones in Penang. The char koay teow is tasty without being too oily.......more than enough "wok hei". The assam laksa is yummy, yum, yum. The assam soup is thick with bits and pieces of fish and just the correct degree of spicy and sour. Ho chiak.
Kafe 78 is located at the corner of Jalan Seri Bahari and Penang Road.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Observations Of A Food Blob (13)

Do you know (if you didn't already) that Festival Walk, Ipoh holds a weekend night market every Friday to Sunday from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm? You can actually find some interesting handmade handicraft from the arts and crafts stalls there. There are other stalls selling other stuff too but apparently Festival Walk is giving priority to arts and crafts because arts and crafts stalls get their place at the night market for free. Yup, no need to pay rental. Just pay a deposit upon registration and you have your very own stall at the night market. It seems the management wants to make Festival Walk the place to go to if you are looking for arts and crafts items. Hmmmm......a step in the right direction in promoting Ipoh's talented artsy people, no? What say you?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sudut Nyonya, Kuala Kangsar

As we happened to be in Kuala Kangsar on fine Sunday, we decided to drop by Sudut Nyonya for lunch. Service is quick. Oooh, their fish head curry is yum, yum. Perfect mix of spiciness and very fragrant. We finished every last drop of the delicious curry. You can also opt to replace the fish head with fish fillet if you don't like fish head. The assam prawns are equally good. The prawns are fresh and the assam gravy that coated each prawn is delicious. The Kam Heong Prawns are not as good if you are going to compare with the assam prawns but still......... The beansprout with salted fish is another finger licking dish. The beansprouts are fat and juicy while the salted fish gave the dish a subtle fragrance. Good. Meanwhile the belacan potato shoots are not to be sniffed at either.
Sudut Nyonya is located in Taman Suria, Kuala Kangsar near the Kuala Kangsar Hospital.

Assam Prawns

Fish Head Curry

Belacan Potato Shoots

Kam Heong Prawns

Beansprouts with salted fish



Monday, 16 September 2013

Observations Of A Food Blob (12)

Have you ever noticed (if you haven't already) that our problems seem small compared to the following :

1) victims of abuse (and I mean abuses of all kinds)
2) victims of human trafficking
3) victims of poverty
4) victims of war
5) victims of any other unfortunate circumstances that anyone can think of

Shouldn't we be very thankful for the fact that we are not one of the above? Shouldn't we stop grumbling and whining when faced with whatever problems and instead face them squarely and get on with life? Shouldn't we also try to do something (however small) to help the above?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Red Hall, Ipoh

After a day trip to Pasir Panjang, we decided to dine at Red Hall in Taman Ipoh Boulevard Timur. Our orders of Grouper Fish Head Curry, Honey Ginger Chicken, Braised Beancurd and Sauteed Vegetables arrived quite quickly. Probably because there were only two other occupied tables before us. Ermmm.......the fish head curry has got to be the weirdest tasting curry we've ever come across. There is none of the fragrance that usually accompanies a curry dish and there is also a funny taste to it.......a taste we can't quite place. The honey ginger chicken is not bad though. The braised beancurd is only passable while the sauteed vegetables has a slightly bitter taste to it.......traces of pesticide on the vegetable??????? No repeat visit from us to this place.
Red Hall is a corner lot at Lebuh Perajurit 3/1, Taman Ipoh Boulevard Timur, Ipoh.

Honey Ginger Chicken

Grouper Fish Head Curry

Braised Beancurd

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Bus, Ipoh

Went to this bistro called The Bus for dinner one Sunday evening. We ordered 2 pastas and 2 pizzas with a chef salad. The pastas........namely spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti with broccoli, anchovies and basil......weell, they tasted the same to us. Can't tell the difference between the two. Taste wise....not too bad lah if you are not fussy. The pizzas....hmmmm.....the margarita, which is pizza with sliced tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce is quite good. If they are more generous with the cheese, it could be better, I think. The other pizza....tuna and smoked salmon, which is pizza with onion, tuna flakes, smoked salmon, chili flakes and mozzarella cheese is passable. Can't quite taste the smoked salmon though. As for the chef salad........mix greens and chicken served with special dressing and garlic bread......just so, so only lah.
The Bus occupies two shoplots located at Jalan Lau Ek Ching, Ipoh.

Chef salad


Tuna & smoked salmon

Spaghetti with broccoli, anchovies and basil

Spaghetti carbonara with a raw egg yolk

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Special Message

Our deepest condolence to the families of all the 37 victims killed in the Genting Highlands bus crash. We are very sorry for your loss. May all 37 victims rest in eternal peace.
To the 16 survivors: Be strong and get well soon.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Greentown Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

One very hot Sunday, we decided to pop into Greentown Seafood Restaurant for lunch. We ordered the sizzling beancurd with seafood and sauce, claypot curry prawns with mixed vegetables and homemade lemon chicken. Ooh...the claypot curry prawns was a hit with our group. Nice and juicy....the prawns, I mean. Lots of vegetables floating in the curry which was thick with just the right degree of spiciness. The sizzling beancurd came with a generous amount of seafood. Yummy, yummy. The homemade lemon chicken was good too. Crispy and juicy and boneless too. Now Mum is hankering to go back there again for the claypot curry prawns.
Greentown Seafood Restaurant is located in a bungalow along Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil in Greentown, Ipoh.

Sis' order of tea for one

Claypot curry prawns with mixed vegetables

Homemade lemon chicken

Sizzling beancurd with seafood and sauce

Dessert for one