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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Special Dedication

To the passengers and crew of MH370 :
Rest in peace and God bless all of you.

To the families and friends of the passengers and crew of MH370 :
We are very sorry for your loss. No amount of words will lessen the pain but time will and we speak from experience.

To the members of the SAR teams and all those who offered their help :
Thank you. Thank you. You are the true heroes.

To the Malaysian government and MAS :
You did a great job in handling this crisis no matter what others said. Those are just sour grapes talk. In this circumstances, no experience in handling this crisis means that MAS is a very safe airline and Thank God for that.

(30.03.2014) To those people hurling unreasonable criticisms at anything Malaysian (you know who you are) :
The whole world is watching and talking about your behaviour. Please show some dignity, if not for yourself, then for the memory of your loved one(s) and for your fellow countrymen. You are not the only ones who lost somebody on MH370, you know. Your government, who has far more technologically advanced equipment than Malaysia, is also among the SAR teams. What have they uncovered so far?????? Remember, pointing one finger at others means pointing 3 fingers at yourselves. Those who keep insisting that the Malaysian government is hiding the truth.........erm........do you know something that the rest of the world don't?

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